The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift and pinnacle of my career to date…………to be able to help my dad, with the help of Stephen Osborne @ Cardiff Pain & Performance Clinic and Gareth Cox in the background on text!!!

Beginning of this year, my dad was admitted into a hospital in Bristol with a UTI. This was cleared up pretty quick within a week. However, he continued to stay in, as he is a stroke patient of 17yrs, his mobility had declined dramatically due to the UTI and were waiting for him to be moved to another hospital for rehab.

One week led to 2.5 months later waiting for a bed. Once moved, things deteriorated pretty quickly. Legs swelled, ulcers formed, chest infection and another UTI as he wasn’t getting the rehab we were expecting……that’s another story but basically, he wasn’t being moved at all! To add to the complication, he was a victim of crime, in hospital on safeguarding until I had found him a new home to move to..........6 weeks later, new home and proper rehab began!

One of the issues, since being in hospital with the UTI, was that he had also become incontinent. Every time he stood up, he would pee himself. They put a catheter in, thinking this would resolve it…… didn’t. Referred to bladder and bowel specialists, who said there was nothing more they could do medically and this would be a problem for the rest of his life.

One of the techniques I use in clinic, I knew would help, if not resolve, Proprioceptive-Deep Tendon Reflex (PDTR) but was unable to test him directly to get accurate results being a stroke patient and being his daughter, so booked him in with my colleagues, the Cardiff boys.

Days before, received a call that my dad had been taken ill, suspected with another UTI and put on antibiotics. When I arrived 2 days later, his face said it all. Eyes completely sunken, couldn’t hold contact or focus, skin pale and yellow, no strength, unable to move. This was no UTI, he was severely dehydrated and body was shutting down. We had just had the hottest 5 days and no one had turned his heating off!

Cancelling appointment had crossed my mind. He was resistant to this new form of treatment and could he cope with the journey but had to try! Kept telling him ‘think about how the lemon and ginger drink worked’ (story in a previous post).

Steve was amazing with him and set to work testing me as the surrogate. We found and cleared nerve receptors where the catheter was, causing the numbness of urge to call. However, the hierarchy we found was an emotional reaction that provoked a physical response in his body, causing the incontinence.

In Chinese medicine kidney or bladder problems tend to be the result when we have difficulty letting go of our emotions, especially negative ones and feelings become blocked. The kidney energy holds our fear. Above the two kidneys are the adrenals, which release adrenaline in response to fear. The kidneys are particularly concerned with fear connected to relationships, unexpressed grief or emotional insecurity. Fear then triggers the activity of the adrenal glands to start producing stress hormones.

In my dads case, two days before he was admitted to hospital, his cat had died. The guilt and grief caused a fear of his own mortality and a fear of standing up and hurting himself. We cleared these emotions, so they were no longer triggers.

Then we treated his Brain Nuclei, Cheyne Stokes respiration causing abnormal breathing pattern. Wow, I never get tired of being blown away, with how the body can respond!
It was instant, his eyes stopped rolling and were focused. Colour flourished to his face and he looked and felt, alert and alive!

Since then things have dramatically changed. I was hearing reports…….

· no incontinence when he stood up or walked.
· 3 weeks of completely dry nights
· he could now feel when he had the urge to call
· no 3am wake up calls to take pain killers.
· Sleeping through the whole night.
· Walking, the best he has done for years
· and to top it off, feeling the best he has ever felt for 20yrs!!!

That was some review but couldn’t quite believe it until I saw/spoke to him with my own eyes 3 weeks later. Yes, the above was true and sure enough the best I have ever seen him walk in a long time. He is also now able to lift his stroke leg up onto his wheelchair footrest completely unaided.

This is a clip of our 2nd session last week, where we had lots more fun treating adrenals, more emotions and organs and with my stomach muscles getting another good workout. Being a surrogate is an extraordinary experience, flipping back and forth, weak (inhibited) to strong (facilitated), a technique we use to treat babies, children, animals or anyone that is unable to be tested directly with functional neurology.

Will forever be grateful to my mentor, Dr Jose Palomar, Orthopedic surgeon and founder of PDTR. Also big thanks to the Cardiff Pain & Performance Clinic, who I highly recommend, neuroscience is where it is at……….This incredible technique has given my dad back his life and he says the biggest Thank You of all 😀

 Gina Cooper
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